Brooke Matherly

This Week on the podcast I sat down with Brooke Matherly and talked about:
Shooting & Apocalypses
Being Homeless
Dating, In a van
Nerdiness (Plus a low tech tip)
Make up: is it overrated?
‘In a van made for a family’
Would you rather: No homes vs. No keys
Work Life Balance
Fantasy setting wish
Mists & fogs
why #ShesFeelinTheJohnson
the lotto
Trump and Clinton
And the answers to all of my other questions on This Podcast!

Ginny Hogan

This week on the podcast:

Chincillas and Freezers
Friendships and vendettas
Politics and Ponies
Worst Insult
Aesthetic Dating
Vaping Smoking and Hair-twirling
San Francisco / New York
Tramatic Experiences
Last Cheeseburger / Last Grilled Cheese
Ed Ant Asks a Lady
And much more in this extra long Podcast!